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Suggestions on Operation and Maintenance of Feed through Terminal Block

Feed through Terminal Block on the market at present most of the body through the welding of copper and aluminum will be two parts butt, copper copper terminals are not considered by increasing copper-aluminum contact surface to prevent the appearance of functional degradation and fracture fracture. In the future, it is recommended to use the copper-aluminum terminal blocks for the new line construction and operation materials procurement.

Strengthen the installation of Feed through Terminal Block installation supervision.

Installation of Feed through Terminal Block need to be processed, one-time crimping, construction and installation of the quality of the installation of equipment play a key role in running the state. Therefore, the construction of new lines in the construction and operation and maintenance period, to strengthen the construction of Feed through Terminal Block terminal supervision. From the production of copper and aluminum terminal blocks, the installation angle of the terminal, the length of the cable margin, water pollution prevention and other aspects of the implementation.

Strengthen the repair and maintenance of copper and aluminum terminals.

The Feed through Terminal Block as a key equipment for maintenance, encryption maintenance cycle, standard maintenance process steps, the appearance of copper and aluminum terminals, the weld joints and fastening the connection to conduct a comprehensive maintenance. Inspection Once the copper-aluminum terminals have cracks, burns and other phenomena, we must promptly with the change, to ensure its operating state.

In the copper and aluminum terminal repair at the same time, it is recommended in the copper-aluminum terminal solder joints with red paint pen to draw line markings, easy maintenance and inspection to observe the copper and aluminum terminals welded seam at the state. Secondly, it is suggested that the end cable at the terminal of the cable be tied to each other to prevent one of the cable terminals from breaking and causing the cable to fall off, leading to intrusion of traffic limit or short circuit.

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