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Social Responsibility
> Corporate values
KEFA is aware of that the company is a citizen rather than a unit in the growth process. Therefore, we not only abide by the laws but also operate ethically. As a member of the society, we promise to be a responsible citizen and make efforts in the following aspects:
> Volunteerism and charitable donations
Over the years, KEFA always encouraged the staff to provide voluntary service, and established a voluntary organization to provide voluntary services, including environmental protection, senior citizen care, and non-profit organization aid by professional skills.
> Effective use of resources
Effectively utilizing resources and implementing sustainable development are KEFA’s development strategy. We try our best to purchase energy saving machinery and also make energy saving reformation. In resources, we try our best to make best use of them and reduce the environmental pollution. In addition, we train our employees environmental protection knowledge and encourage them to take part in eco-friendly activities, such as “turn off the computer”, “install energy-saving lamp at home”, “adopt water-saving facilities”, “use the two sides of paper”, etc.
> R & D and sales of environmentally friendly products
KEFA promises to develop, produce and sell eco-friendly products in the following development. In face of the customer increasing challenge and services, we try to reduce the negative effects on environment. Most products have passed the inspection of ROHS (tested by the global well known authority SGS) and we will increase the sales market share of eco-friendly products year by year.
> Responsible for the staff
KEFA knows that “corporate social responsibility needs to maintain good relationship with all interested parties”. In knowledge-oriented society, the employees have become the most important party in corporate benefit. Therefore, we promote the communication with staff, stress on respect, specialize in improving staff’s salary and welfare, and strive to improve the safe and healthy work environment, comprehensively supporting the training and development.