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Employing the concept of
The employees are the most precious wealth of KEFA, and are also the basic guarantee of achieving corporate objectives. KEFA attracts and employs outstanding people, implements the strategy of internal development to select, train, promote and reward excellent staff. Therefore, the company’s management has formulated a suitable concept of talent development, namely:

> Initiative and Creativity
KEFA encourages the employees’ initiative and creativity. Employees’ creativity is the source of value creation. Therefore, KEFA respects the creativity and initiative of the staff and provides guiding and comfortable work environment.
> Highlight Ability
KEFA firmly believes that ability is the basis for any achievement, and attaches importance to the improvement of the staff’s ability.
> Performance Reward
KEFA assesses staff’s performance objectively in accordance with standards, and praises and rewards outstanding staff.
> Equal Opportunities
Equal opportunities are based on mutual trust between people. KEFA provides equal opportunities for everyone regardless of age, sex and race.
Department: Domestic Sales Department, Business Elite (2)
> Job Requirements:
Bachelor degree or above in relevant majors, aged 23-30, diligent and responsible; enterprising, and eager to learn; capable of working under pressure. 1.Strong communicative, organizational and coordinative skills;2.Responsibility, team spirit and creativity;3.More than 4 years of experience in relevant position.

> Job Description:
1. Responsible for the development and sales of domestic business